Partnering and growing people to achieve best impact

We embrace the potential of change to create growth and value.

We weave a vocabulary for victory into every conversation.

Powerplay began in 2006 as a training and team building company where we empowered people while they played, learned and grew to achieve their maximum potential. Today we are uniquely positioned to offer holistic value in areas of leadership, team coaching, strategy and culture as well as capability development and team building.

Our beliefs


We play as a team to create, learn and enable amazing things. We embrace what is new about the moment, and the opportunity in that moment.


We are confidently focused on being the best at what we do. We understand our clients deeply and co-create solutions to make a difference.


We honour people’s power to maximize their transformative potential. Always agile, we grow with our people and our clients.


Trust is everything. We say what we mean. We own our actions.

Your solutions

Partners & Clients