PowerPlay empowers people whilst they learn and have fun.
We train, develop and consult with organizations in Africa to deliver results. Whether we are focusing on self development for your high potential managers or delivering a culture change solution for your entire organization, we commit to making a tangible difference to your bottom line.

We offer unique value drivers! Read more about them and the amazing things that we do throughout our website.


We deliver value which extends way beyond your investment.
  • We consult and assess extensively which enables us to design programs around YOUR NEEDS!
  • Then we deliver content that is original, punchy, easy to relate to, entertaining and invigorating!
  • We encourage self assessment through "cutting edge" group discussions, simulations and role play dimensions!
  • We provide back up support through follow - up monitoring and feedback workshops.
  • Our programs are fast paced and interactive. They are delivered by dynamos who are in touch with the challenges and issues that corporate management teams face in Africa!
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