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that deliver value

Why we stand out

When it comes to strategy, facilitation, training and development, we offer unique growth drivers! We deliver comprehensive solutions that generate value, which extends way beyond your investment.

We believe in:


Being professional in everything we do

Understanding our clients’ needs deeply and

Responding with relevant expertise and solutions

Partnering our clients to ensure sustainability

Growing with our clients as we grow ourselves

Innovating and exploring new ideas, ways and solutions

We believe that change and growth comes from within each member of the team. We invest in extensive and deep consultation using state of the art survey and assessment tools, which enable us to design programs and solutions around YOUR NEEDS! Participants emerge with real world tangible tools and solutions that address practical issues. In turn, they embrace organisational change.

Our approach, ideas and methodology cut to the chase and enable real decisions about meaningful change and purposeful action. Programs and solutions are delivered by dynamos in touch with the challenges and issues faced by leaders and managers in both the private and development sectors in Africa!

We provide partnership and back up support in the form of follow-up, monitoring tools and feedback workshops. That is the key to real, sustainable development. The result - generating value, which extends way beyond your investment.

What we do

Some say we train corporates, others say we empower change and inspire people ... then there are those who view us as team and process integration experts.

The bottom line is that we excel in all three areas and enable our clients to make real breakthrough’s and grow! Click on any picture to see what we do.

  • Process integration, strategy formulation and alignment
  • Focus Groups
  • Change Management Advisory
  • Strategy formulation and planning



At an international development organization

In 2016 we facilitated the restructuring of the organization for the East African hub and enabled the leadership team to manage more effectively through the design and deployment of a bespoke leadership competency framework.

At one of the most admired banks in Kenya

At the beginning of 2015 we successfully supported our client as it engaged in consolidated growth in the SME – Business Banking sector and finished in the top two banks in the Nielsen ratings in that sector.

At a multi-national bank in East Africa

In 2013 - 2014, our client invested in Front Line Selling Skills training for all branch staff members across the region. This resulted in product uptake amongst retail customers increasing by 84% in the space of 6 months.

At a regional bank in Africa

Since the beginning of 2012 the entire organization continues to attend our Empowerment for Service Excellence Program in three countries. This has contributed to Customer Satisfaction Survey levels improving year on year by between 5% and 8% across all banking segments.

At a mobile network in East Africa

Our client empowered its strategy managers who underwent leadership training resulting in 5 out of 7 manager’s business units completing projects on time and on budget in the first half of 2013.

At a mobile network in East Africa

In 2013 our client engaged us to facilitate a training solution, to support organizational restructuring and empowerment in two core business units to enable an innovation. Our client has continued to grow its revenues and profitability in these units year on year for the past three years.

At a multi-national bank in Africa

Following in-depth consulting and advisory services from us, teams in twenty-four countries underwent change management training in 2012 and 2013. This enabled them to migrate to a new banking technology successfully, on time and on target in 22 out of 24 operations (countries).

In a breakthrough with a collections team at a major bank in Kenya

We trained a credit card collections team on debt collection and negotiation skills. In 2014 this team's collection performance improved by 48% where as all other teams stayed relatively the same in terms of reducing delinquency.


“The application of experiential learning through well thought out group activities proved useful in the development of clear team objectives supported with clear follow through actions that help to reinforce the learning objectives”

- Esther Waititu, Executive, Corporate and Investment Bank, Stanbic EA

“The combination of fun experiential activities and facilitated conversations stimulated open and frank discussions and helped identify key obstacles and opportunities for improving our teamwork and communication”

- Dr. Uwe Kievelitz, Director GIZ African Union Office, Addis Ababa

“We continue to use PowerPlay throughout the region and recommend them to any senior leadership team looking at building cohesion and alignment to deliver results.”

- Lamin Manjang, CEO, Standard Chartered Bank, East Africa

“Simply put, PowerPlay gets results”

- Daniela Link, Head of Programmes, GIZ EA

“PowerPlay demonstrated a unique ability to understand and translate our requirements into well-structured solutions supported by effective programs. We value them as a partner in driving change and excellence in our organization.”

- Irene Kamau, Group Head of Human Resources, Commercial Bank of Africa

“PowerPlay understands our requirements well and are very professional in their approach and their delivery”

- Allan Kilavuka, Leader, Global Operations SSA, GE

“We really enjoyed the retreat under your guidance. We can still feel the impact in the team and the work we do together. Thanks again to your team.”

- Bernd Multhaup, Program Director, GIZ Support to EAC

“PowerPlay has been a valuable partner to the Safaricom Foundation for the last five years. We can confidently recommend them to other organizations.”

- Sanda Ojiambo, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Safaricom

“PowerPlay’s consultative approach was outstanding to the extent that each program was extremely well customized to suit our requirements and has had a direct impact on our numbers within a short time.”

- Seema de Souza, Head of Customer Experience, Commercial Bank of Africa

“PowerPlay did an outstanding job ... to understand the context, dynamics and issues in play. This resulted in a very focused and constructive retreat … the pace and content of the program allowed for contentious issues to be addressed in a natural manner.”

- Justin Brady, Head of UN OCHA Somalia

Some of the organizations we have partnered with:

For a complete list of our clients, please download our corporate profile by clicking here


Ian Hotz | Leader

Ian lives by the company credo empower while you play. He is committed to genuine growth and expects the best from his team and participants in his programs. When attending Ian’s programs be ready to be stimulated by his huge energy and ability to engage every participant in a meaningful and memorable way. He’s been in the business for over twelve years and is highly respected and valued in areas of change management, team integration, empowerment support, relationship management and strategy facilitation.

Top Strengths
Ian has an outstanding ability to see the bigger picture strategically and “connect the dots” practically. He is highly regarded in the telecoms, ICT and financial services sectors as a trainer and consultant who takes you right to where it’s all happening be it in operations or at the front line. Ian holds a Bachelor of Commerce and an LLB from WITS University, South Africa. He is a certified DCI Trainer and a Master NLP Practitioner registered with INLP, USA.

Personal Statement
“My passion is my family. In my quiet time, I love to get immersed in a world of concerto’s and symphonies. Mendelsohn and Tchaikovsky are my favorites.”

Linus Wahome | Trusted Advisor

Young at heart whilst abundant in knowledge and expertise, he leads various programs at PowerPlay. Participants enjoy his humor and cheerful facilitation style. Watch-out for this man! If you engage him in a discussion on learning and development, prepare for a mind shifting conversation. His core areas of expertise lie in Customer Service Excellence, Front Line Selling and Negotiation Skills. Linus loves technology. Connect with him in most online forums.

Top Strengths
Linus has a deep capacity to interact with people in a relaxed and supportive way; whilst still making sure that they emerge from a program ready to deliver new learning’s and benefits to their organisation. He is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the banking sector. Linus has a degree in Business Information Technology and is a Certified Highlands Ability Battery Facilitator.

Personal Statement
“I am passionate about personal development and helping people to mine their potential. If am not training, I am enjoying nature and all it has to offer.”

Mary-Ann Dutlow | Quality Enhancer

Always the Quality Enhancer, Mary-Ann is the observer in the team, looking for ways to improve both communication and processes within PowerPlay and for our clients. Her facilitation style is structured, methodical and inquiring. You may find yourself asking those hard but important questions as you listen to this facilitator.  Her steady approach with spontaneous bursts of energy and humour reassures and rejuvenates participants. Don’t look for her on social media, she prefers making eye-contact as she communicates with simplicity and sincerity.

Top Strengths
Mary-Ann is highly experienced and embodies the name of our consulting arm ‘Bridging the Gap’ which she formally leads. With her logical, pragmatic way of thinking she wears both the hat of a logistician and a lead facilitator. She brings a presence to any interaction that inspires confidence and professionalism. She holds a bachelors degree in Business Studies, is a certified DCI Trainer and an NLP practitioner and trainer.

Personal Statement
“As a mother of two, I know that “Time is our most precious commodity” and making optimal use of time is the only way to gain work-life balance. When I ‘m not in the office I dream of going to gym, but prefer to stay home and bake some cupcakes!”

Pauline Nguyai | Champion Communicator

Pauline has been a part of the team since 2007. Her passion for customer service excellence ensure that she delivers each and every program with infectious enthusiasm. Her continuous quest to bring out the best in the teams that she trains ensures that every participant leaves the program confident that they will be able to use  new techniques when they return to their work place.

Top Strengths
Pauline has worked in the HR Development industry for over two decades now, specializing in soft skills training. She also holds an Executive Global MBA from USIU.

Personal Statement
I’m passionate about supporting people to achieve their best in the areas they engage. The ability to change and achieve goals lies with an individual, supporting one do so is the ultimate success for me.

Associates | .


Ciarán has a wealth of experience in Executive Coaching, Change Management, Facilitation and Organisational Development. He is also an experienced Executive Coach and is recognised as a world authority in facilitation; having published a book “Facilitation” in 1997.

Ciarán has a highly regarded reputation for dealing with conflict in teams and amongst individuals and as such is engaged at times to work in some very sensitive situations. He is also engaged to facilitate resolution to conflicts across organisations and between organisations both in the public and private sectors.

He has worked in a number of different industries and his client’s include the UN,IFAD, The World Food Programme, British Telecom, SAP and Alstom amongst others. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Limerick, Middlesex and The London Business School.


Ursula specialises in the areas of Change Management, Training and Development, Performance Management, Psychological Assessment and Competency Profiling. With a Masters in Industrial Psychology plus a wealth of HR consulting experience garnered from numerous industries, Ursula brings a special and unique approach to the project teams she works with. This is complimented by extensive work experience in the HR field at the Edcon Group and at Vodacom where she was an Organizational Development Manager and then the Manager for HRD Strategic Interventions.


Rowanne specialises in the areas of Change Management, Business Analysis, Training and Development and Performance Management in Southern Africa with a growing client base in East Africa. She founded RM Consulting in 1995 and has a wide range of HR Consulting experience with significant knowledge of the IT environment. Rowanne has practiced as an Industrial Psychologist for the past 15 years and has experience in a wide range of sectors.


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